Thirty is three perfect 10’s. – Anonymous

Writing a blog about me in the city where I live in sounded like something I’d never do when I was younger. I mean, i’m a nurse working in a hospital. But then here I am now, churning out words to describe myself and what this blog is all about.

My life philosophy



I believe that no matter what age you are or the higher you are in the age spectrum, it shouldn’t stop you from chasing after your dreams.




Sure, i’m a nurse but I also love fashion and everything beautiful in life. Should my life revolve around my chosen field of work? Of course not! And I believe everyone thinks like me, too. I know a young mom who is a great make-up artist. I have a corporate friend who loves photography. There’s a businesswoman close to me who is great at modeling. And then there’s you. You’re probably reading this blog to know more about the beautiful things Cagayan de Oro City has to offer. You just might be itching to try it out. The good thing is, you can.




Your life shouldn’t just be defined by the current season you are in. You can live for so much more.




What to expect from the blog

This blog is a hub of all the things I love – fashion, food, and life lived to the full. I share these in the hopes that if:

* you love fashion and beauty, you can get how-to ideas from the blog
* you love food, i’ll take you to the different spots worth tasting in CDO like this one
* you want to live life to the full, i’ll give you plenty of reasons to do so, starting with this

Who is Melai Bacor? 

Hi! I’m Melanie Bacor, known to many as Melai. I’m a go-getter. I love traveling and exploring different places. I love food but hate the weight that can be gained from it. I like to look at the positive things in life. Lastly, i’m thirty-ish and living in the city.

If there’s one reason to live to the full, it’s love. – Melanie Bacor