3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aruga Aesthetic Center This Holiday

Am I too late to blog about preparing yourself for the holidays? I don‘t think so! I bet there are so many gatherings still to attend. Company Christmas parties, reunions and other get-together maybe over for some, but there are other parties scheduled later this month or so, right? And let us not forget, there’s still Christmas and New Year’s Day which are the main celebration of this season.
How do we really prepare ourselves for the holidays? Well, Google would always tells us to sleep at least eight hours a day, drink a lot of fluid, eat a balanced diet and so on. Aside from these, considering our hectic to-do list and traffic situation in our city that add up to a stressful day what should be done for us not to look haggard, stressed-out and that obvious I-was-in-a-hurry look when we attend gatherings?
Worry no more for I have a cheat for that…c: How about a visit to an Aesthetic Center who will give you..,takenote… Hashtag ARUGA Experience???

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Aruga Aesthetic Center This Season:

1.They give you that party-ready beauty.

Going to a party is kind of stressful especially when you don’t know what to wear yet or you’re running late that you almost go there bare face and eyebrows not on fleek. This season Aruga Aesthetic Center offers promos on eyelash extensions and eyebrows services – making sure to boost your confidence and have that party-ready look with eyebrows on fleek.

2.It’s a Light and White Christmas with Aruga Aesthetic Center.

A beautiful face and a radiant skin is a perfect accessory to an event. With “light and white Christmas”, Aruga offers a chance to unleash your inner glow for a more stunning you; with promos on glutathione, beauty fusion and other skin brightening services.

3.A tree in your name.

Christmas isn’t just about us. Also, it’s about giving. With Aruga’s Christmas tree campaign, you will not only treat yourself but you can also give back to mother earth. How will this be realized? Easy… Aruga will Plant a tree in your name in every P1000 worth of services you availed. Indeed it is a happy holiday! Right?

So don’t let this season pass without #ARUGAEXPERIENCE. Treat yourself this holiday and visit:
Door 1 Cornerstone Bld., Ramon Chaves St., Barangay 29, Cagayan de Oro City
Opens Monday-Saturday 9AM-7PM
For reservations: Call/SMS 09175078972

See you!