Oh yeah, I know I owe you guys something ‘cuz it’s really been a while since I wrote my last blog and I am so sorry about that. Starting today, I promise to write at least once a week, would that be fine? 🙂 💕


This dress from FREEWAY has been with me for years now. If I remember it right I bought this to have something to wear for a valentine dinner.



There are so many things that I love about this bodycon dress. Firstly, the stripes give an illusion that could make your waistline looks smaller. Secondly, the 3/4 sleeves design neutralizes the daring and sexy look of the dress. Lastly, I can use it to different occasions; may it be a formal or a casual event , all I have to do is to be imaginative on how to wear it and look for a nice shoes that would perfectly match the dress.


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