Jello Dig Sensory Play

Jello Dig Sensory Play is a play that is perfect for toddlers, but that doesn’t mean infants can’t. Of course they can but with strict supervision. Just a little warning though, it will be a little messy.

Kids especially infants are so curious with what is going on around them. They want to touch, see, hear and feel almost everything.

I made this activity for Kara to let her feel & differentiate the texture among different things namely; mat, jelly, glass & cloth using her hands & feet. Not only that, I also want to boost her ego by letting her squeeze the jelly while searching for the hidden object.

What are the materials to be used?
Teethers/ shower curtain hooks
Glass Container

1. Simply prepare a gelatin (see label to prepare).
2. Put the teethers inside the container and pour the gelatin into it.
3. Let it cool.
4. If it’s ready place the mat on floor, then put the cloth over the mat.
5. Carefully place then the container with gelatin on top of the cloth.
6. Let them play with it until they want to, with precaution of course esp. with infants. Make sure they will not put anything inside their mouth.