Welcoming Summer with a New Do at Kayla Salon!

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I should know because I plan all year long what to do for when summer eventually comes by! That’s how excited I get for this hot season. For most people, it’s also that time of the year when they crave for water, sun, and adventure. It’s when everyone wants to go the beach and feel the scrunching sand in their feet or go on a road trip out of town and sing at the top of their lungs as they cruise on down the road. Wooot! It feels like heaven just imagining it! But, how do you officially start your summer? As for me, I welcomed summer with a completely new look!

The mere thought of chopping my hair short made me anxious, to be honest. Of course it’s only normal since it’s been a decade ago when I last cut my hair short. I was really worried whether I’ll look good in it but then again, summer is all about fun and adventure right? So, I just went for it! Kayla Salon was there to help me look good for the summer. When we’re talking about our hair, we don’t want to trust it to just any hairdresser. You want a salon and stylist you can trust, and I found that in Kayla Salon.

Here are some reasons why I loved this salon and why you should also give it a try.

1. The stylist is a pro.

All I can say is that she knows her craft. She’s gentle and friendly. She knows my needs & I love my new hairstyle. What more can I say?

2. The place is so relaxing.
It isn’t just your run of the mill hair salon. It’s actually quite peaceful and relaxing. If you’re the type that likes to pamper yourself to relax, this is the place to be.

3. They have organic nail polish.

Not all salons offer this and in Cagayan de Oro the trend is just starting. But, organic nail polish is actually quite healthy for you. It’s safe for pregnant women and kids too. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that you wouldn’t want on your body.

4. They’re mother and kid friendly.

Most salons are catered to the adult clientele but Kayla Salon takes it a step further and makes the place friendly for mothers to bring in their kids as well. They have toys for your children to play with and they have kid nail polish and services too. What better way to bond with your daughter, right?

5. They appreciate services on an appointment basis.

This is a bonus for you. You won’t have to wait your turn when you book an appointment. You’ll have a seat and attendant ready to do your services at the time that’s most convenient for you.

So, how does my new do look like? Well, as much as I wanted to have beach waves, I still opted for a sleek shoulder length hairstyle that is event-ready yet still have enough length for me to tie anytime I want to. I love what they did to my hair and will be availing of their services again soon.
Thanks Kayla Salon for starting my summer right!

Kayla Salon
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J. V. Serina st. Carmen
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
contact no. (088) 880 8295