Romper Suit


It’s sexy, comfy and stylish. Yes, I am talking about the new craze in the fashion world, onesey/onesie or popularly known as Romper Suit.


I spotted this romper in one of the shopping centers here in Cagayan de Oro, Ororama Department Store and scored it for only P465. Not a bad purchase right? Especially if the cut is as sexy and fashionable as this.


I have heard a lot of people who doesn’t like to use rompers, simply because it takes a bit of effort especially when you have to take off the whole thing in the washroom when you comfort yourself. But mind you wearing one is worth that “bit of effort”. So don’t be afraid to use it. What is a little discomfort with hours of being fabulous?


Ororama Department Store Romper | People are People shoes