Summer, How can I unlove you?




I can’t anymore remember the exact date or even year when I started to adore and cherish summer. It’s the very season I look forward to since childhood every end of school-year until now that I am already a young pro.




Excuse me for being a beachbum, but
yes, fine white to golden sand, blue-green water, bikinis, eyeglasses, wide brim hats and colorful flip flops; those are the things I always associate summer with, but it doesn’t mean I am glued to that idea. Of course, as the years pass by, influenced by multi-media and gorgeous friends maybe, I become more experimental when it comes to adventures may it be indoor or outdoor. Aside from that, I came to realize that summer isn’t only a season for beach outings but also a time to show off those flowy maxi dresses and sexy cover ups or the excusable time to flaunt those abs (if you have one :p).




That’s why When one of my friends invited me for a funshoot at Agutayan Island, without even considering the tropical storm, right then and there I said yes. How could I resist to such tempting invitation? Its like hitting two birds at one stone. I enjoy photoshoot and beach is love!



How can I unlove summer??? Never will I.