Walking On The Line – Toddler Practical Life Activity

Walking On The Line | Practical Life Activity for Toddlers (2-6YO) | Montessori Philippines

Today I’m gonna be sharing to you one of our “Toddler Activities”  this week which is walking on the line.

Walking on the line is a Practical Life activity suitable for kids from 2 to 6 years old. This helps a child be aware of his body, coordinate his movements and improves concentration. All you need for this activity is a chalk or tape and a safe area where you can do the activity. An ellipse is drawn or taped on the floor. 

Demonstrate the activity to your child and tell him he can have his turn if he likes once you are done. In demonstrating, demonstrate silently. If you demonstrate while telling the instructions tendency is your child will focus more on what your saying rather than what you’re doing. Walk slowly and take natural steps on the line. Once your done you can ask your child to do it but do not force. Do the activity in a spirit of fun and discovery, letting your child to explore freely. 

If your child is already doing the activity make sure not to interrupt or distract. we do not want to interrupt a child at work. Remember that play is the work of the child so we don’t interrupt a child at work.

As you all know we have been practicing Montessori method at home ever since was Kara was newborn and up until now that she is already a toddler. I have been reading so many books and e-books, I joined the Montessori Community on Facebook, I read blogs of other Montessori mommies and sometimes, attend webinars. However, I find I still find it lacking. It’s different when you get to talk to people who are expert in the field. You know, just to make sure to do things correctly. When there is a lot of information, tendency is we get overwhelmed and that’s exactly how I felt.

As I was observing Kara, I noticed different sensitive periods and I asked myself, am I giving the right material at the right time and at the right sequence? Good I’ve met “teacher Anna Cajator- Assuncion” she’s based in manila, a certified Montessori guide with over 20 years of teaching experience. Now she owns a Montessori center called 1618 read Montessori center and I registered Kara at their center.

\It should be a homeschooling set-up we follow the schedule and  they’ll meet virtually.  But I asked a special arrangement from her because I don’t want a  home schooling set-up. I want it to be the usual play-based learning routine with Kara. I will tell teacher Anna my observations and we will discuss it together. she will tell us through a detailed plan and send it to us via email the appropriate activities and the right Montessori materials to use a

Now, the control of error of this activity is the line. He will know that he’s doing it correctly if the child stays on the line.