Top 5 Must-Haves That Made My Preggie Days Easier

Aside from the basics vitamins, milk, etc. these were the Top 5 must-haves that made my pregnant days easier :

Mandaue Foam, Php. 1500

1. Maternity Pillow
Purchased this as early as first trimester to really make use of it. Aside from my partner, this was my bestfriend throughout my preggie life. I like how it supported my back while lying down or sleeping. Yep, no back pains!

2. BP Apparatus
One of the things that I really wanted to avoid was any complications during pregnancy. An elevated or high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar level, etc., so self-monitoring my blood pressure at least twice a day was my hobby.

3. Doppler Fetal Monitor
This is a hand-held ultrasound transducer to detect your little one’s heartbeat while he/she’s still in your tummy. My partner & I were so paranoid that we tend to panic whenever I couln’t feel movements of the baby inside, knowing we could still hear her heartbeat at normal range especially during the last trimester. Using the doppler put us at ease.

Aldo, Php 1800

4. A pair of comfy slip-on
Even before, I am already fascinated with flats, but needed a new pair with +1 size when I was preggie (blame the swollen feet). Wearing flats while your pregnant is a choice made not just for fashion’s sake but for safety as well.

5. A StreetBy app installed on my mobile phone

I had a good appetite esp. for sweets when I was pregnant. I kept on asking my partner to buy me theeeeseee and that? until a friend of mine told me about this app where you will only choose food from a certain merchant using the app and they will have it delivered at your place. So easy to use that it saved not just mine but my partner’s time & effort as well? (I asked him to buy something once in a while tho).

So that’s it! If you want to ask for more deets…feel free to comment below!?