Simple Tablescape You Can Do At Home

Tablescape designs are what always fascinate and look delightful. It is just fun to be resourceful and creative to engage you and your family members together by staying inside at a time of social distancing while spending quality time together and making beautiful memories.

Tablescaping is not what I prefer to do all the time, but mostly when there is a family gathering or any guest call to give the dining experience a little extra. So, today I will be sharing with you how to set a simple tablescape at home?

simple tablescape must haves

Gather all the items together in one place to avoid last-minute chaos. A short list of items may include;

  • a charger or plate
  • tablecloth/runner
  • dinner plates
  • table napkins
  • table napkin holders or rings
  • wine glasses
  • a set of cutlery
  • fresh flowers (any)
  • Candles and candle holders
  • and lastly the table name tags
simple tablescape at home

It depends on your menu if you have soup or salad, you can also add bowls to your list. Preparing a tablescape not necessarily requires purchasing new items. You can use whatever you already have at your home in different ways. But if you consider you have the budget to afford some additional materials then why not?

Now when it comes to color contrast, I mostly prefer neutral colors which include beige, gray, white, and black. These are the colors that fascinate me a lot.

So, I begin with spreading the tablecloth while making sure they are ironed or steamed and then move to create a centerpiece. I start with placing candlesticks, vases, and serving plates.

The next step is putting table napkins on top of the dinner plates using the rings or holders and then drinking or wine glasses. For the drink or wine glasses, I prefer those with a high neck to avoid the fingers touching the sides of the glasses so that they don’t look weird and unhygienic, and it finally ends with placing name tags on each plate.

Tablescaping is an art and art knows no limitations. Be creative as much as you can. 

Simple Tablescape Idea (white, gold and pink) here: